Get a first look at DFW's newest over-the-top burger joint, Slater's 50/50

It all started, as so many brilliant food ideas do, while Scott Slater was hung over at a tailgate. Video by
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It all started, as so many brilliant food ideas do, while Scott Slater was hung over at a tailgate. Video by


If you like bacon and burgers, you’re gonna love Slater’s 50/50

By Robert Philpot

June 08, 2017 04:54 PM

There are bacon burgers, and then there are the bacon burgers at Slater’s 50/50, which boasts of another ‘b’ — beer — in a release that refers to Slater’s as “a unique Burger, Bacon and Beer restaurant.”

“Unique” is often a misnomer for something that’s merely unusual or offbeat, but our guess here is that Slater’s — which will open its first Texas location June 19 on Lower Greenville in Dallas — qualifies for the adjective. Because the 50/50 in the name refers to the makeup of its signature patties: 50 percent ground beef, 50 percent bacon.

Not all of the patties are like that — if you prefer, you can get one with a 100 percent Black Canyon Angus beef, or 100 percent Durham Ranch bison. But even those will be accompanied, in many cases, by thick-cut bacon.

“The menu’s main muse is bacon,” says the release, and it’s not kidding.

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There’s a turkey burger that comes with rosemary-Parmesan bacon. There’s the B’ B’ B’ Bacon, which comes with that 50/50 patty, plus bacon, plus “bacon island” dressing and more.

There’s a Sriracha burger with a Sriracha-spiced 50/50 patty with honey-Sriracha bacon on it. There’s a Frito Pie burger with Guinness bacon chili, BBQ spiced bacon and multiple other toppings, including, of course, Fritos (but not bacon Fritos). Frito Pie is also sold separately.

And then there’s more bacon. Fried bacon mac ‘n’ cheese balls. Loaded potato mac ‘n’ cheese including bacon. Loaded “shmanimal” fries include bacon, you can probably guess what the ‘B’ stands for in the grilled chicken BLTA (the ‘A’ stands for avocado mash), and Slater’s Fries come with Slater’s Bacon Ketchup. Crispy Brussels sprouts come with mustard and white balsamic vinaigrette, shaved Parmesan, fried sage and, yes, bacon.

You will probably not be surprised to learn, at this point, that milkshake flavors include maple bacon and bacon-brownie (which is also available as a separate dessert).

But lest you think that Slater’s is only about bacon, several sandwiches and other items come without bacon (we’re intrigued by the Strawberry Pop-Tart milkshake, as well as the option of adding alcohol to the shakes). And s meat-obsessed as this place is, it still made room for a veggie burger, called “Eat Your Veggies”: veggie patty, red peppers, avocado mash, cucumbers, sage & garlic aioli on a honey wheat bun.

This will be the first franchise location for Slater’s 50/50, which originated in the San Diego area. On a visit to San Diego, Dave Coussirat, the partner/franchisee, was inspired to launch a Dallas location. There are plans for more in DFW, although it’s not clear at this point whether those plans include Tarrant County.

“It was love at first bite for my family,” Coussirat says in the release. “With so many creative burgers, bacon and craft beer, Slater’s 50/50 was an obvious fit for the Lone Star State. We’re excited to make it part of Texas.”

Oh, yeah, the beer. The Dallas location will have more than 50 regional craft beers on tap (the food menu suggests beer pairings with most items). Specifics aren’t on a sample menu yet, so we don’t know about bacon beer, but there are bacon cocktails, from the expected (a bacon Bloody Mary) to the not-so-expected (Chocolate Covered Bacon Banana, made with bacon-washed Three Olives Vodka, Bols Banana liqueur, Nutella and cream). But again, not all the cocktails have a bacon theme.

Slater’s 50/50 was founded in 2009 by Scott Slater, who says in the release: “Making the decision to expand to Dallas for the first franchise was a no-brainer,” Slater says in the release. “Bacon, burgers and Texas go hand-in-hand, and we are excited to serve the best burgers in town.” (Cue the arguments over the best burger in Dallas.)

Slater’s 50/50 will be at 2817 Greenville Ave. in Dallas. It will be three levels with a bar on each floor and a rooftop patio. The patio is dog-friendly and the restaurant will have a dog menu with, of course, some items made with bacon. Because dogs love bacon! Bacon bacon bacon!