An In-N-Out “Double Double.” Michael Ainsworth AP
An In-N-Out “Double Double.” Michael Ainsworth AP

Fort Worth

The most popular fast food chain in Texas is ... not Whataburger?

October 19, 2017 08:12 PM

Call it a case of Fake News.

A new study released Thursday from Business Insider and Foursquare named In-N-Out — not Whataburger — the most popular fast food chain in Texas.

Not naming Whataburger would have been brutal enough for Texans. Selecting the West Coast-based chain they love to hate (in favor of Whataburger, of course) was even worse.

The findings, which included a most popular chain for each state, were determined by total visits to each chain “divided by the number of locations in that state,” according to Business Insider.

So it sounds like Whataburger’s 669 locations in Texas — compared to In-N-Out’s 35 — might have skewed the numbers a bit. Even so, the results did not go over well.

This map is

— Frogs O' War (@FrogsOWar) October 19, 2017

In And Out over @Whataburger in Texas?

Yeah, this just lost all credibility.

— Jake Hamilton (@JakesTakes) October 20, 2017

Whataburger’s official account spent the afternoon responding to its supporters and even demanded a recount. Get on that, Business Insider.

we demand a recount

— Whataburger® (@Whataburger) October 19, 2017

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