An In-N-Out “Double Double.” Michael Ainsworth AP
An In-N-Out “Double Double.” Michael Ainsworth AP

Fort Worth

The most popular fast food chain in Texas is ... not Whataburger?

October 19, 2017 08:12 PM

Call it a case of Fake News.

A new study released Thursday from Business Insider and Foursquare named In-N-Out — not Whataburger — the most popular fast food chain in Texas.

Not naming Whataburger would have been brutal enough for Texans. Selecting the West Coast-based chain they love to hate (in favor of Whataburger, of course) was even worse.

The findings, which included a most popular chain for each state, were determined by total visits to each chain “divided by the number of locations in that state,” according to Business Insider.

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So it sounds like Whataburger’s 669 locations in Texas — compared to In-N-Out’s 35 — might have skewed the numbers a bit. Even so, the results did not go over well.

This map is

— Frogs O' War (@FrogsOWar) October 19, 2017

In And Out over @Whataburger in Texas?

Yeah, this just lost all credibility.

— Jake Hamilton (@JakesTakes) October 20, 2017

Whataburger’s official account spent the afternoon responding to its supporters and even demanded a recount. Get on that, Business Insider.

we demand a recount

— Whataburger® (@Whataburger) October 19, 2017

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