Liberty gets stylish new bandages every two weeks, at each vet visit, as she recovers. Christi Fauver Courtesy
Liberty gets stylish new bandages every two weeks, at each vet visit, as she recovers. Christi Fauver Courtesy


This pit bull’s two front paws were ‘cut off.’ Now she’s got a new best friend.

By Matthew Martinez

October 06, 2017 04:56 PM

Liberty is on the mend after three of the most harrowing months a pooch should ever have to suffer through.

Authorities in Porter, Texas, found her lying helpless on the ground on the afternoon of June 21 and are still looking for whoever left the 1-year-old “blue mix” pit bull in the worst of conditions. According to a law enforcement news release, doctors would later determine that her front paws had been “cut off.”

X-rays showed that all the bones in Liberty’s right paw were missing, while the ones in her left paw were shattered.

Foster owner Christi Fauver, who then worked as a dispatcher for Montgomery County Animal Control, took the call when it came in. When the officer who went out on the call sent her a photo of the big-eyed, starving dog, she knew she had to be the one to help bring her back to health.

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Then, Liberty weighed just 27 pounds, after sitting in pain for days and not being able to walk anywhere to find food after being abandoned. Three months and change later, she has doubled that to 54 pounds.

This is what Liberty looked like just four days after having surgery on her paws in June.
Christi Fauver Courtesy

“I have been fostering dogs for 10 years, and I always take the medical cases,” Fauver told McClatchy Friday. “The mange, the abused animals. We find them homes as quickly as possible so I can work with the next ones. I’ve stuck to saying that eventually we will find Liberty a forever home, but whether I’m ultimately overruled on that one by my daughters remains to be seen.”

That will make Fauver’s house a busy one, with two daughters, chihuahuas and cats running around, but Liberty gets along with them all.

“She’s an absolutely amazing dog,” Fauver said. “At first she showed all the signs of being abused — she cowered when you would raise your hand and she was even scared of my chihuahuas. Now she’s part of the pack —gets along great with dogs, cats and little kids. It’s amazing how quickly these animals forgive. She’s taught me a lot.”

Now Liberty’s only worry is who is going to give her that next belly rub. She gets stylish new bandages to wear home from each of her biweekly vet visits, and Fauver said Muilenburg Prosthetics, Inc., a Houston-area medical supply company, has even offered to outfit Liberty with prosthetics for her front legs when she’s fully healed.

That, Fauver said, will hopefully be in four to six more weeks.