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CBS 11 anchor Kaley O'Kelley announces exit from station

Kaley O'Kelley, who has been an anchor for KTVT/Channel 11 since January 2015, announced Thursday afternoon on Facebook that she will leave the station this month.

"Turning down an amazing opportunity to continue on as main anchor in a city we love is no easy choice," O'Kelley wrote. "However, I am in need of a better work/life balance. I am definitely NOT leaving my career forever, instead I’m giving my self some time to focus on my family and other interests."

O'Kelley's last day will be May 23. She co-anchors the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts.

In January, she began a medical leave that had her off the air for several weeks after doctors ordered her to have a hysterectomy and partial ovariectomy. She has previously had a cancer scare in late 2015, when doctors found a cancerous ovarian cyst and removed one ovary and both fallopian tubes.

Read her entire Facebook post below.

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