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Northeast Tarrant

Officials identify driver killed in chain reaction wreck on I-35W in Fort Worth

A 79-year-old North Richland Hills woman was identified as the motorist killed in a chain reaction wreck on Interstate 35W in north Fort Worth Tuesday morning, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner.

The victim was identified as Frances Brock. She died at a local hospital shortly after the wreck, according to the medical examiner’s website. A ruling on her death is pending an autopsy.

Brock was killed Tuesday morning when her vehicle was struck in a multi-vehicle collision involving a Federal Express truck on Interstate 35W near Alliance Gateway Freeway and Eagle Parkway in north Fort Worth, according to authorities.

She was attempting to merge into a lane due to freeway construction on the exit ramp about 11:10 a.m. Tuesday while traveling north on I-35W, police said.

A Federal Express truck struck the vehicle directly in front of it and caused a chain reaction wreck involving several vehicles, according to police.

Brock was in the first car that was struck, police said.

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