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Machete-wielding man attacked by Dallas mob admits ‘bravery to the point of stupidity’


The man who was attacked by a mob in Victory Park late Saturday blames himself for the ugly scene.

According to a report from, Charles C.A. Shoultz claims to be the man who was rushed to the hospital after he was attacked by 10 to 15 men during a night of mayhem in the wake of protests that turned into intermittent rioting and looting all across the country.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter, copied by before Shoultz made his account private, he details the purported series of events that led to him suffering what turned out to be minor injuries.

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Shoultz, at least, has a sense of humor when recounting the story.

“Hey, funny story. The guy in this video getting his ass kicked? That’s me,” Shoultz writes in his first of a series of posts. “I had a bit of an adventure this evening trying to protect a bar I love, one that ended with me in the hospital. But I am quite alive, if a bit worse for the wear.”

“I shall eagerly confess that ‘on my own’ was a big mistake,” Shoultz said, referring to instigating a fight with a group of men. “I felt a certain amount of direct danger from the large groups moving through the neighborhood, because Victory Park is MY neighborhood. I live in an apartment building only a few blocks from where I was attacked. I didn’t come from far away.”

Shoultz explained that even though access to his building is restricted he was worried about it bring “breached.”

This screen image of a social media post by Charles C.A. Schoultz captured by purports to be the man wielding a machete who was attacked by a mob in Dallas Saturday night. Schoultz blames himself instigating the altercation he called “stupidity.” via Twitter

“So my thought was it would be better to go to them first,” he said. “I felt a strong feeling that it was better to let myself meet the danger head-on rather than wait for it to come seek me out.”

“This was probably foolish, rather than brave, in hindsight. But it is what I thought at the time.”

Shoultz said after seeing his Deep Ellum barbershop High and Tight vandalized days earlier he feared more damage closer to home, including his favorite bar, Billy Can Can. He said he’s become tight with the staff there and considers them close friends and was trying to defend their place of business and his local hangout.

“Does this mean I should have tried to use my dumb machete and try to hold off an entire angry mob? No. That was bravery to the point of stupidity. I realize that now.”

Even after the event Saturday night, Dallas police tacitly confirmed the details that Shoultz actually instigated the altercation by rushing men he perceived to be threats. Multiple videos appear to corroborate much of this account.

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