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Texas Rangers

The data is in: Sorry Astros, Rangers still rule Texas


The Texas Rangers still rule the Lone Star State.

Sorry, Astros. Despite your World Series title in 2017, the Rangers are still your daddy. At least, according to data gathered from ticket reseller, which based its breakdown on the most tickets sold for each team per county.

The Rangers remain the most popular team in Texas with 148 of our 254 counties claiming the Rangers as their team. The Astros own 98 counties in Texas. The dividing line mostly cuts the state in half, from Shelby County on the eastern border with Louisiana, to Travis County in Central Texas, across to Terrell County, which is on the northeast side of Big Bend National Park.

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The Rangers, in fact, are third in the major leagues with 235 total counties under their spell. That includes most of Oklahoma and good portions of Arkansas and northern Louisiana. Only the Atlanta Braves (469) and St. Louis Cardinals (307) have a broader reach by county.

Again, sorry Houston, but the Astros lag behind with 160 total counties, which includes most of Louisiana, where they’re the top team with 48 counties compared to 10 by the Rangers.

You can check out the interactive map here.

As a state, we do have a few interlopers. Roberts County in the panhandle, with less than a 1,000 residents, registers as a Cardinals county. Matt Carpenter must have some fans up there.

Cochran County, on the boarder with New Mexico west of Lubbock with a population of 2,851 (as of 2017), is a Boston Red Sox county. What a bunch of front-running deadbeats.

And Brewster County, home of Big Bend and less than 10,000 residents, claims the Los Angeles Angels as their team. That should be enough to allow the state to extricate that whole area from the Republic. Big Bend is awesome, for sure, but we don’t have room for a third American League West team. Sorry, not sorry. (Are people still using that?)

The Top 10

MLB teams claiming the most counties across the country according to

Braves, 469

Cardinals, 307

Rangers, 235

Twins, 222

Rockies, 199

Royals, 194

Reds, 193

Astros, 160

Cubs, 130

Nationals, 120

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